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Inscribed on the Forest Floor
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Date:2008-03-25 08:47

In this ancient stretch
of earth
our lives blink,
as the lace of snow.
To have
uncovered you,
a jewel
richly buried in
shadowed soil,
there growing,
a watered fern,
a river rock
glowing soft
in the ground,
soul sweet,
magic strong;
your heart,
an amulet,
such power
I can
scarce believe.
lapped from
your mouth,
life's breath,
swallowed in
and borne
out as
muscle and bone.
You are
the strength
of my hands.

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Date:2008-03-05 14:56
Subject:Home Ground

We are
home ground.
A piece of earth
rich with
every mineral,
with water,
and air.
We are the place
I need to sit,
with every inch
of my skin.
Where fibered
roots reach
deep, tendriled,
within a matrix
of dark soil
that will not shift
in fear.
We are a riot of
woody weeds,
the strong things
of the ground,
that do
not break with strain.
We are spiraled
as infant ferns,
tender, enchanted,
flawless and rare.
We lay low,
wrapped from the reach
of every renting blast
that would rip us
from our
passionate embrace.
There we breathe,
in kisses and
soft muddy words.

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Date:2007-02-09 14:32
Subject:The Nest

there is a new light
this morning.
the earth has begun
to tilt slowly
toward the sun.
the hawks have
returned from the
argentina grasslands.
they perch hungry and
dark on fence posts.
this is the first
in many years
i have not found
a nest of owls.
nor had their secret
lives unfold before my eyes.
in their stead
i have found a nest
of my own
with a man so
beloved that even
today i cannot believe he
has come to me.
with eyes so beautiful
and dark that i cannot
and a form so fine
my heart soars on
wide wings of its own.
each moment we
strive for grace
in the dance
as this equinox
moves seconds nearer.

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